Why is it so hard to figure out what to eat?

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Does exercise make you question every single decision you make about food? You’re not alone – many, many people feel a huge lack of confidence about what to eat, and when.

When all you want to do is get an easy plan for managing your nutrition because you’re focused on about 100 other things going on in your life, the frustration can become a pretty serious roadblock to progress. In the big scheme of things, your nutrition is a huge component in getting more fit – so it definitely matters to get right. 

I am not sure how many people understand what ‘macros’ or ‘macronutrients’ are. Let’s start there. 
The three major macros you’ll probably hear about when talking about food with your doctor are protein, carbohydrates, and fat. If you grew up learning about the food pyramid, the proportions of those foods are based on which macros they contain. 

Knowing that, does that help you understand YOUR diet any better? Probably not. Unless you really enjoy math & reading nutrition data labels on products, you probably don’t know how much of each of these you eat. That’s where tracking comes in.

TRACKING: I recommend starting either a food diary or working with a food app, especially since you probably have a smartphone with you much of your day. My recommendation is to use an app that allows you to input food by scanning barcodes with your phone camera, or even by taking a picture of your meal. Another helpful thing is to use an inexpensive little scale to weigh your food portions. I know! This sounds incredibly annoying! I’ll admit, it’s a little rough for the first few days, and then it gets not only easier, but your app will usually remember or have shortcuts to your common portion sizes. If you’re really not into using a scale, use a measuring cup and a teaspoon & tablespoon measure. The important thing is to get tracking!

Don’t let food tracking overwhelm you – I can show you how to make it much easier, without tying you down with shopping lists, menus, or lists of supplements. For one thing, most people don’t need supplements as long as their diets are relatively balanced, so you don’t need to automatically add supplementation when working to improve your fitness.

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