What Is Fitness for 50+?

What is fitness for 50+? I admit, it sounds pretty vague, so I’m going to break it down for you. 50+ fitness is for YOU, if:

  • Life is hectic & you can’t find time to exercise
  • Nutrition for your ideal weight is a total mystery to you
  • Maybe you’re like me & had cancer or another serious illness that made exercise & nutrition more confusing
  • Things hurt that never hurt before – knees, hips, back, neck…
  • You’re curious about resistance training, but don’t know where how & where to start & don’t want to get hurt trying
  • You didn’t have a regular habit of exercising before and fear it’s too late now (it isn’t)

This is pretty much where everyone is, even if they’re not 50+! In this day & age, the amount of fitness information available online would make you think it’s gotta be easy to just go out and figure it all out for yourself. But it’s not – it’s the reverse. It’s just messy and full of conflicting details, so if you’re frustrated & confused, you didn’t fail at being your own best advocate – you’re just living in an age of too much unfiltered information. If you’re looking for someone to figure it all out for you, give me a call. This is the stuff I love, taking the dense tangle of workout and diet information & crafting a plan that works for you, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

How it works

I provide the tools for you to learn, train, adapt, and open yourself up to seeing fitness & nutrition in a whole new way. It’s individual (just like you) and it’s personalized to your specific body & needs. You are a unique person with your own body history, movement patterns, and potential areas of improvement – when you work with me, you get your own customized program that evolves as you get stronger & overcome limitations. Every training session is a new chance to not only regain some of your strength, flexibility, energy, and confidence from your teens and twenties, it’s also a chance to build it up in whole new areas!

Where it happens

Training is normally conducted in clients’ homes with an online hybrid option available. However, due to Covid-19 concerns, we are currently moving to online-only for the foreseeable future, with options for occasional outdoor sessions if weather permits (socially-distanced & masked).
Zoom personal training sessions are always available, and the safest option – you also never have to worry about car trouble, traffic or bad weather! All new clients receive a free “session zero” where we go over using Zoom for home workouts, how to use the training app, and discuss home workout equipment/space needs. This is typically 20-30 minutes and can be scheduled right after signing up for a training plan.

You can choose from several types of training plans, with the online options being the most cost-effective & convenient. Get in touch & we’ll discuss the options available for you & even give you a free fitness assessment. But you have to take the first step. Contact me via the info form.