What is corrective exercise?

I got certified as a personal trainer by NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and immediately pivoted to corrective exercise as a specialization, because what I saw day after day at the gym was people who had lost touch with their bodies, and I wanted to change that. I also had a history of breast & thyroid cancer surgeries which had radically changed my body, and I wanted to have the tools to help others get their lives back.

I’m so glad that I went in this direction – because of the pandemic, we’re seeing an unprecedented number of people working out at home (which is great!), but the quality of free/low-cost workouts & the self-service way of picking workouts is pretty much only ideal for people who are already fit, who have no issues with their joints or muscles, and who haven’t had injuries or illnesses that require changes to a typical workout structure. So what I’d like to put out there is the idea that it’s not only reasonable and smart to get a qualified trainer to help you get started, in the long run you’ll be better prepared to go solo. I think much of the public doesn’t realize that personal training isn’t for life, or for several years – according to NPEfitness, the most common engagement is 6 months (other good options being 3 months or 12 months). For the average person who’s starting out in fitness, 3 months can work, but requires much more personal commitment. At the other end, 12 months works very well for someone who’s gradually making lifestyle changes for the rest of their lives, or whose goals are more long-term in nature, such as a significant weight change. And no – a person who sticks with a trainer for longer than that is not a failure in any way – they’ve just found that the highly-focused relationship with a trainer is perfect for achieving their needs/goals.
Qualified corrective trainers also help train you away from old injury patterns, and detect & correct patterns of movement that might have led you towards new injuries & problems, which saves you money, time, and pain!

So, I’m in no way against fitness apps, YouTube videos, Peloton, Aaptiv, or anything else like that – there is a flavor of fitness for everyone and for every price point. But consider carefully if you are an older novice exerciser, and take it slowly starting out! Or just contact me & we can discuss something even better!