What else is going on around here?

OK, the first full week of Fit Kind LLC-ship has just passed, and it’s May 1st, so I guess a small celebration is in order!

I’m looking at all kinds of new options for YOU, my audience, whether or not you’re a personal training client of mine. No matter who you are, I’m dedicated to getting you no-nonsense, scam-free, hype-free information for you to use in your fitness decisions. This applies whether you’re looking to train, exercise more/less, change activities, or take a look at your eating habits/motivations. So if you’re enjoying this content, please make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter & emails, and feel free to share with a friend or two! The more people that have factual, helpful information, the better off we’ll all be for making fitness decisions. 🙂

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So stay tuned for a LOT more content coming your way, and if you’re also a social media person, follow me on Instagram – while I post to Facebook, I’m much more active on Instagram. This is also a request for your burning questions and concerns – I am happy to answer questions about how to manage fitness activities in your life, or anything else fitness/nutrition-related, for that matter. No obligation – I’m always curious to see what people are confused by or wondering about, and would love to have the chance to help dispel any myths/misinformation that might have found its way to you.

More to come!