My client Julie: ‘I was real nervous because I’m not a gym person, I’m not an athlete – when I hear “trainer”, that means someone’s gonna make me do all this stuff…You understand limitations of where to begin and when we hit a wall with something, you switch it up, you research, you figure out what’s going on and change it. You listen to me…you’re not putting a program on me. Through my life, for decades, I’ve had a lot of issues, I’ve had people tell me it’s everything from it’s the wrong shoes,  I had a chiropractor tell me I had to get a different car, Ive been told it’s all in my head, that its all because of my husband’s disability, that I am psychosomatically having issues….none of it has changed me as much as the education you’ve given me about it & how you’ve worked with me.’

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Julie – January 2021 Testimonial