Some food for thought


I wanted to share some things I think are pretty cool this week. I don’t have any affiliate situations set up, or receive any $ or merchandise for making these recommendations – I honestly, really like what’s being out out here.

New cookbook I bought & am going to try out (I don’t have diabetes, and don’t want to get it, so I love a resource like this, written by Registered Dietician Maya Feller)

Southern Comfort Food – Diabetes Cookbook

Some great podcasts lately:

Herman Pontzer (author of Burn, the book I’ve been raving about) was on the Here We Are podcast, and if you’d rather learn a little bit more before choosing to dive in on a more science-y book, this podcast explains a lot about the science of human metabolism.
Episode 330: The New Science of Human Metabolism, Herman Pontzer — Here We Are Podcast

Also, a wonderful, thought-provoking episode of the Stop Chasing Painpodcast, a discussion with neuroscientist Beau Lotto – there’s a lot in this discussion, but it kicks up the topics of perception, expectations, experience, and pain. Maybe you don’t see it directly related to exercise or personal training, but I find a lot of very interesting details in here. Notably, he helps us understand how relative reality is.

Also from Stop Chasing Pain, from waaaaay back in 2018, an interview with Adrian Corbett on gut health & the gut-brain connection.

SCP Podcast 147: The Gut Geek | Stop Chasing Pain

Finally, I’m going all in on hula hooping lately, but I’ll talk more about that another day. For now, here’s a link to a fascinating study on the exercise benefits: