New program announcement coming soon!

I am launching a new set of follow-up programs to build onto the learning from my founders’ program. There are 2 distinct options: the newest is a breast cancer-focused exercise program, and as I am a newly-certified Cancer Exercise Specialist, this one will be at a substantial discount the first time out: $197 for 2 months (a 60% discount). This exercise program is with a doctor’s clearance only – no exceptions. This greatly improves your experience & exercise selection, and protects you from doing things that are wrong for you. I take every single client’s safety and injury risk very, very seriously, so this detail is for your benefit, even if it seems like a hassle.

The other is focused on the needs of folks over 50, especially anyone who spends a lot of time sitting (teachers, desk workers, artists, drivers). It too is at a steep discount of $197, which will increase by 60% as soon as it becomes a regular offering. There is no set goal: we will discuss what you want to do, and if it is possible to achieve in 2 months, we’ll make it happen.
Since there are 2 programs being refined, each is open to only 3 people. This is not limited to women – all are welcome, this is a 100% inclusive environment.

More details and enrollment dates to come!