New name – same philosophy


Great news! As of April 23, Tina Nixon Personal Training is now Fit Kind LLC. 😀
Website changes will come along at some point soon, but now I have a business name that aligns with my mission, which makes me so happy!

What does “Fit Kind” even mean?
It comes down to a way of thinking, a way of getting everything taking place within our bodies organized around the understanding that we’re all in this together. I’ve even stopped looking at cancer as a “foreign invader” of sorts because it’s not really helpful. I see it more now as an out-of-control process that has nothing around it within the body that’s able to stop it. I think we’ve internalized a LOT of warrior-mindset stuff that’s probably helpful in other aspects of life but not when you’re looking inside your own body – at least, not for me. So we come to the areas of fitness, nutrition, weight management, body image, exercise, etc, and I think we can agree – these are all elements (or concepts about what happens) within the boundaries of our skins, inside our stomachs, and muscles, and brains. To be “Fit”, these elements should be working towards a common goal. And to be “Fit Kind”, we look at rooting out the bad emotions and motivations that trip us up & make us unhealthier. In essence, we’re getting kinder to ourselves in order to regain a more fit state. And it’s not perfect. And it’s not instantaneous. And that’s all ok.

Here’s why: humans can’t function well under a condition of cognitive dissonance, which is the holding of ideas that conflict with each other. To say we want to “crush fat cells!”, “destroy ugly fat!”, “stop being so gross and lazy!” and then try and make positive changes is much more difficult. Is it impossible? No, that’s been the way people have done it for decades in the USA. But here’s the thing: if that was the right way of doing it, we’d have a much more fit & happy country than we do. We have research into cognitive science that tell us that our brains work very differently under stress, more akin to a survival state. If the way we exercise, eat, and meditate is geared around harsh criticism, punishing loads in exercise, and not enough calories (especially from protein), we’re just piling onto that stress.

So here’s my way: to be fit asks that you be kind to yourself. You’ll make mistakes, you’ll get mad at yourself, you’ll see all kinds of reasons why you’re dumb/fat/flabby/undisciplined, and I’m not going to yell at you even when you’re mean to yourself. I’m going to gently remind you that these thoughts help the diet industry get money from you, because you’re effectively taking away your own power & asking for a solution outside of yourself. Marketers taught you to think this way. So… be annoyed at them, and then forget them – they’re not worth thinking about. Forgive yourself, and laugh at the human condition. And then, go for a walk outside. And if you can’t stop being mad at yourself, come for a walk with me, and we’ll talk about how to make that easier. Because it can be.