Lovely testimonial!

I wanted to share this testimonial from my client Julie – we recorded a video interview last week, and I’m still editing it, but I wanted to put her lovely words out there, because what she said means a lot to me. Sure, everyone likes hearing things said about them – but I’m not talking about that. I got into this work to help people, and to hear back that I’m helping someone is wonderfully validating, and I’m humbled by her generosity of spirit.

Here you go, in her own words, here’s Julie:

my client Julie during our video interview

“I just want to say how blessed I was to find Tina as a trainer. 

I’m not an athlete. 

I don’t like going to gyms. 

I had a very rare, severe heart attack at 60 (I’m now 62). It felt easy to give up. I’ve had some chronic issues for decades and I have been told everything from I have the wrong shoes, someone told me I had to get a different car, I’ve been told it was psychosomatic because my husband is disabled. I have tried all kinds of programs and all kinds of diets and it wasn’t until I met Tina….she meets me where I am.

…She’s helping me strengthen things that are weak and change some patterns in a way that no one ever has before. She listens to me…educates me, and I’ve changed in ways that I haven’t been able to do for decades, so find her, she’s awesome!”