I’m deep into building a special program + community right now


I’m working on a side project for my fellow flatties out there – women who have not had reconstruction as a result of breast cancer surgery (whether after diagnosis, or preventatively, due to genetic testing).
I realized something during The Great Stop the pandemic brought – that even though I had transitioned to a fitness career and had 2 certifications under my belt, including more anatomy lessons than I would have imagined possible — I had no idea what my unreconstructed chest meant. I didn’t understand how it worked, I didn’t understand really what was damaged, or what might never get full strength again. I also didn’t understand that my neck surgery and chest surgery was tied to my cervical spine issues, and shoulder issues, and lymphedema, and more. As I talked to other women with breast cancer, I saw the same phenomenon – a lack of knowledge and awareness of what the possibilities and limitations are, even among women with access to resources & enough time & money to look for answers.

That’s where my initial desire to do the CETI (Cancer Exercise Teaching Institute) certification course came in, and I’m so glad that I did it. It revealed a huge, missing category of information & I was suddenly able to start piecing myself back together. And I want to do that with a larger audience, specifically with women who have also had aesthetic flat closure, because that gives us (more or less) the same strengths and weaknesses. This post today is an early call for participants: if you are have had both breasts removed without reconstruction, and are interested in being part of a pilot program targeting upper body strength and improved shoulder function through exercise and stretching, please contact me! If you’re reading this, and know someone who would be interested, please forward this info to them and thank you!