I gave a talk!

J. got a bunch of her friends together for a talk I am currently working on refining, a look at the frustrating landscape of nutrition & fitness information for the general public, especially those of us aged over 50. I was pretty excited to have this chance, because it also gave me the chance to get questions from people who are not currently personal training clients. So, they’re not currently thinking about their goals, about how to make changes – that’s a sort of process that you have to be in the right mindset for, to get started. So this was different – this was people in all kinds of states of readiness for exercise and more targeted nutrition & I really appreciate that everyone took 2 hours out on a Sunday afternoon to hang out with me & listen & chat.

I hate talking to groups – it’s something I’ve hated since 4H, grade school, just about anything. But I love helping people, I love fixing problems, learning about what drives people crazy & making it easier, clearer, etc. So I had to just get over it. It’s little easier on Zoom, vs. standing up at a podium, but it’s still OMG STRESSFUL.

But it’s totally worth it.

Here’s some of the questions that struck me the most.
1. are macros a keto thing? This is not the first time this has come up – the keto diet is so widespread in our media landscape, particularly on social media, that there is an association being made by people who have nothing to do with keto. So we talked about this – that macros are just a convenient way of saying “macronutrients”. So I’m getting the impression that this causes thinking that ratios of protein, carbs, and fat are ONLY relevant in keto dieting and bodybuilding/weightlifting.

2. The research on protein intake in adults indicates that adults neither understand what protein comes from, or how much they’re getting (usually not nearly enough). Adequate protein recommendations really surprise people, especially 50+. What I noticed about the discussion was that people really don’t think about it as something they need, unless they’re serious about weightlifting (and that’s definitely a minority of folks). It goes back to #1, a bit – the thinking, to an observer like me, is, ‘well, you just eat…and try to eat low-fat, if you’re watching your weight, unless you’re doing keto’ and protein remains a mystery, which then makes muscle maintenance a mystery, and metabolism a double mystery. And when a person’s diet doesn’t support their ability to maintain their muscle, and that then affects strength & our perceptions of how strong we can expect to be, it gets chalked up to ‘aging’, and people stop thinking they have any control over it. But it’s not aging, for the most part. It’s adequate nutrition, particularly protein.

I’m going to be refining this talk & hopefully presenting it again – probably in early January. And even though I don’t like public speaking, I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

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