How to not be sedentary and how to value your time

I was pleased to see a couple of articles this week that addressed exercise more factually than I’ve seen for a long time. If you’ve been around me for a minute, you already know that I don’t tell people to rely on exercise for weight loss – this is because exercise doesn’t directly lead to weight loss. Nobody wants to hear that. But the reason I tell clients is that it’s cruel to mislead people into doing something for a benefit that is much smaller than they might hope.

This article does a great job of explaining in greater detail:

Also! One of my favorite topics to talk about is that middle age does not automatically come with a ‘middle age shape’ – that’s the result of choices. So that means you don’t have to mourn the loss of your former shape when you hit your 40s & 50s – if that’s something you’re worried about – you just need to continue to be an active person. It also explains why being sedentary is so hard to counteract, even if you combine long periods of sitting with regular workouts.

More here:

That’s all for this week – I’m starting a new contract gig tomorrow, so will be diving headfirst into the 8-hour workday (remote, in this case) and figuring out how to combat both excessive sitting and the issues that come from working at a laptop/monitor setup for hours a day. I’ve got a plan to make the day active, so I can stay mentally focused & physically healthy at the same time – in other words, a good situation all around.

Stay tuned!