Free education on breast cancer – online summit

It’s not something you think about often, and when you measure the impact of Covid & the sad fact of how many have lost their lives, livelihood, family, or health, there is little that’s positive. But even in tragedy, and in loss, there can be the seeds of regrowth. There has practically been an explosion of resources online for learning, for self-advocacy, for self-improvement, and many of them have been very reasonably priced, or free of charge. At the moment, I’m listening to the recordings from a very interesting summit that’s currently going on (for the rest of this week) in Australia, the Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Online Summit. It’s just gotten started & is already fantastic. Today’s schedule included a discussion of guided exercise after cancer diagnosis, an overview of Jin Shin Jyutsu (a touch practice), healing through scar treatment, and other helpful and enlightening topics. So if you’re interested in the subject matter, check out the link below – the content changes daily, and will only be available through Feb. 21, unless you pay for an annual-access ticket ($60).
Link to the summit preview page:

Such an opportunity to learn something I normally would have had to spend a lot on, or even take a flight & stay in a hotel – this means a lot right now, in this time of uncertainty and difficulty for all of us. And I know that if any of these seeds of knowledge produce peace of mind, less pain, and mental/physical help for someone who’s suffering, it feels like that’s proof that we CAN collectively rebuild our society in a better way, as we mourn those who were lost to us. I am forever grateful to people who extend kindness & sharing at the hardest of times, rather than hoard their resources and charge a hardship premium. We are at our best as a species when we each lend a hand to someone lower on the ladder than ourselves.