Deadline extended! Registration closes 3/25/21

Hi! There’s been a lot of vaccination activity going on & I’ve been doing some volunteering getting appointments for vulnerable folks, so I wanted to keep registration open a few days more. 🙂 Now, on with the post.

I’ll admit – I’ve been racking my brain all week, trying to figure out the best way to explain the common theme in my new training programs (for folks 50+, for patients/survivors of breast cancer, for creatives & desk workers), so ….here we go! The theme is “Movement Sustainability” – teaching you how YOU work.

  1. The feeling of the program is mostly the same whether you opt to use the smartphone app I’m user testing or not. There are 3 spots available in each pilot program.
    • The programs are:
      • Fit/Kind 50+ is focused on bodyweight exercise, using compound movements to move better, anytime.
        • By the end of 60 days, you’ll have a noticeably stronger core, back, hips, and shoulders.
      • Stand Up to Cancer is focused on getting back to strength & mobility after dealing with breast cancer treatment (even if it was many years ago!)
        • this program is a 60-day introduction to exercise chosen specifically to help move beyond limitations, and can also be a great way to transition from physical therapy to more exercise-based movement. (Current/former breast cancer patients only.)
      • Stand Up is a powerful antidote to sitting all.the.time – you need help getting that body out of its chair-shape, I’ve been there, I’m gonna show you how to improve it.
        • This program also emphasizes your core, but pays special attention to neck, shoulders, back, and butt, exactly those areas that suffer the most from a desk-based lifestyle.
  2. You’re going to be on your way to being a self-sustaining powerhouse once we’re done working together, no matter which program you choose.
    • The 2-month pilot program lets me show you a lot of your specific needs & skill areas, but at a small price for personalized training at $197 for 2 months‘ worth. (FYI, it generally takes 3 months to start to make serious transformations. That’s just your body’s timeline – making physiological changes is your body’s work, and you’ll see it happen, but it’s going to take a little time.)
  3. What it’s not:
    • NOT a bootcamp. I don’t do programs with that level of drastic change (because they aren’t sustainable)
    • NOT quick change promises like dropping 2-3 dress sizes (because they also aren’t sustainable)
    • NOT tied to a diet – if your goals and the way you eat now will slow down your progress, we’ll discuss how you can approach it or modify your goals. I’m not going to tell you what or when to eat. (again, because that’s not sustainable)
    • NOT all about weight loss – weight loss is your choice, your decision. I can support you in losing weight, gaining weight, or maintaining your weight. I’m not here to tell you what to weigh (because that’s not for me to say).

That’s basically it. Talk to me if you want to know more: send me a text at 908-442-8368, or DM me over at Facebook/Instagram, and I will talk with you about your dreams, your goals, and your needs from a fitness program.
The price is $197 for 60 days, which is a SIXTY PERCENT discount off the normal rate. You get an hour a week on the phone(or Zoom/FaceTime), and you get a program custom tailored to you, based on your physical history, a fitness assessment, and your goals.

Here are a whole lot more words about this, if you want to read more:

  1. An exercise system, a workout system, whatever you call it, is going to be useless if:
    • You don’t use it due to difficulty, equipment, boredom, dislike of exercise, etc.
    • You often hurt yourself doing it & have to take breaks in order to heal
    • It requires so much of your time that you can’t do it if your life gets even the tiniest bit busier
  2. Understand though, that you do need to ask more of yourself, to get results: the trick is HOW you ask yourself, and how you think about your body
    • It’s not about how you’re not good/thin/pretty enough
    • It’s about how you value your relationship to yourself
    • My goal is to get people to see exercise as a valuable tool, not a means to an end
    • It’s as important to get your brain engaged in physical activity as it is for the rest of you from the neck down
  3. What’s critical is to lay the groundwork to reduce the potential for future injuries:
    • by identifying and reinforcing the body from the toes to the nose (that’s pretty much the extent of your body’s movement system from bottom to top)
    • by teaching what movement “cheats” look and feel like, and how your body might be setting you up for trouble, so you can learn to avoid them – this makes it less likely you’ll get sidelined/frustrated/lose your momentum to keep going
    • by helping you understand your personal energy expenditure – not the readout from a treadmill or a women’s fitness magazine chart, because they’re not accurate. That way, you can learn how to change your nutritional buckets & the way you look at calories, so you’re not easily fooled by programs that simply want to separate you from your money. You have to feed your body to get the best out of it!