So, a few different things to talk about this week. First off, I’ll talk a little bit more about how the short days affect exercise patterns, then a short rant about rhabdomyolysis, and finally talking about getting ready for winter sports. So, here in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re settling in to our annual clock-disrupting routines.… Continue Reading Novembering

Into darkness

Try as I did to avoid talking about the same damn thing everyone else in the Northern Hemisphere is talking about – changing the clocks to cheat the dark mornings….here I am, talking about it. I don’t love the darkness – I’m very inclined to be sleepy in the dark, cold months, and it’s not… Continue Reading Into darkness

Weight, BMI, WTF

The picture accompanying today’s post illustrates the problem at hand – this incredibly muscular guy will likely be tagged as ‘Obese’ for his weight/height ratio alone. If that can happen, why do we even use this measurement? We exist in a pretty dismal situation in this country, where it comes to an individual’s weight and… Continue Reading Weight, BMI, WTF

Post-Snow Thoughts

Let’s get this out of the way: I am 52. For most of my life, that’s how old my back felt, if not much older. But after almost a year out of the gym – using just bodyweight exercises, a kettlebell, & lots of walking – the test of strength that is the Northeastern USA’s… Continue Reading Post-Snow Thoughts


Yup – our winter of Covid is rapidly approaching & things in the USA hold lots of uncertainty about social gatherings, getting to the gym, and living life in general. Let me ramble on a little bit about why that’s not allllllll bad (although most of it is). Thing #1: you can tackle something new,… Continue Reading Winter