More on the BMI

Last week, I aired my feelings about the BMI as a measurement tool for us and our doctors. I’m not done yet. I stumbled upon a podcast called “Maintenance Phase”, presented by Aubrey Gordon and Michael Hobbes, which discusses the shortcomings of the wellness industry (if I’m being kind, as ‘criminality’ is probably more accurate… Continue Reading More on the BMI

Weight, BMI, WTF

The picture accompanying today’s post illustrates the problem at hand – this incredibly muscular guy will likely be tagged as ‘Obese’ for his weight/height ratio alone. If that can happen, why do we even use this measurement? We exist in a pretty dismal situation in this country, where it comes to an individual’s weight and… Continue Reading Weight, BMI, WTF

Finding time in batch cooking

I can blab all day about the importance of protein, but that’s not going to help anyone make dinner unless they’re already 1) proficient at cooking and 2) have enough time in their schedule to do it. Extra work hours, schoolwork, or an unscheduled trip to the mechanic or doctor can really mess with your… Continue Reading Finding time in batch cooking

Protein sources

As we discussed in last week’s post, most of use are woefully deficient in protein consumption as older adults. We talked about the rough estimates for grams/kg. But what are actual sources of protein? You probably already know that lean meats are basically made of protein – a lean meat is a muscle cut, with… Continue Reading Protein sources

On protein

I haven’t written about protein for awhile, and it’s coming up a lot for me lately in my day-to-day work, so I’m here to share the good news about protein! Lol, ok, let’s ground this in some details & facts. But first, a little story. I used to think protein was just for bodybuilders –… Continue Reading On protein

All fired up!

Today I am letting something from the past go, by amplifying the message contained within it, not the emotion I felt during it.There’s a huge difference between what’s personal & what’s important. Yes, they can overlap – there are personal things that are important, and important things that are personal. However, the sooner we realize… Continue Reading All fired up!