So, a few different things to talk about this week. First off, I’ll talk a little bit more about how the short days affect exercise patterns, then a short rant about rhabdomyolysis, and finally talking about getting ready for winter sports. So, here in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re settling in to our annual clock-disrupting routines.… Continue Reading Novembering

Into darkness

Try as I did to avoid talking about the same damn thing everyone else in the Northern Hemisphere is talking about – changing the clocks to cheat the dark mornings….here I am, talking about it. I don’t love the darkness – I’m very inclined to be sleepy in the dark, cold months, and it’s not… Continue Reading Into darkness

Sitting and standing

When you have close relatives who are male and a lot older, you might come to question the point of sticking to certain aspects of life when they are no longer working as they did. Ok, I’ll cut to the chase: I’m talking about peeing standing up.  I was thinking about why a relative who… Continue Reading Sitting and standing

Workout/work balance

Here’s my notes from last week. Specifically:“we’ve also been getting more walking exercise because our well is leaking & the driveway is dug up. We are parked at the neighbors and go back and forth 1-4x a day with 5-gallon jugs of water – hopefully this ends soon.” Dear Reader, it ended late Wednesday. Could… Continue Reading Workout/work balance

More on the BMI

Last week, I aired my feelings about the BMI as a measurement tool for us and our doctors. I’m not done yet. I stumbled upon a podcast called “Maintenance Phase”, presented by Aubrey Gordon and Michael Hobbes, which discusses the shortcomings of the wellness industry (if I’m being kind, as ‘criminality’ is probably more accurate… Continue Reading More on the BMI