53 laps around the sun


It’s my birthday weekend and we just returned from a lovely time in Vermont – we hiked, walked, boated, and wandered, and I think about the richness of our life, even though it would probably seem modest to most people. In the last year and a half, we have learned a lot about gratitude, and have found that gratitude makes everything in life just….better. 

One of the ways this really shines is in my fitness. By patiently expanding my range of motion with bodyweight exercises (while not working out at a gym until long after I was fully vaccinated), I made mobility gains in a lot of unexpected areas. We were partway up a very difficult trail on Mount Mansfield, where I realized that my hip mobility was better than it’s EVER been in my youth. I was up and over boulders and difficult terrain, and the only thing that held me back is my Legendary Fear of Heights (no joke, I will go bouldering all day if you want, but we are staying 6 feet off the ground, max). So, my gratitude at my enhanced mobility outweighed my disappointment that I didn’t magically lose my fear of Super Tall Windy Cliffs, at least this time. 

I didn’t have my hula hoops with me in Vermont, but am starting teacher training tomorrow for teaching hooping, so I hope I didn’t get too stiff after a week away! My plan is to make a hooping course that anyone can follow and not get frustrated with, once I get that training under my belt.

So today’s post is more laid-back and personal than the usual. It’s about settling back into normal life after a little vacation away, thanking my body for carrying me through 53 years now, and looking forward to an exciting class offering that I’m hoping to share this winter, right after the holidays. I’m excited for what year 53 holds for me, and excited to meet more and more fellow travelers on the road from cancer to fitness.