2021 – new changes

I’m getting closer to finalizing an online personal training offering, which is new to me – everyone I’ve ever trained or assessed before was in person, and also at a gym. But I obviously believe in this, or I wouldn’t be doing it. It’s a critical time right now – the start of a new year always triggers activity in people to make changes, and there’s this rush to do new things. My biggest concern as a trainer is what’s freely available online is a very strange assortment of exercises and stretches, and I don’t want people to train incorrectly or get hurt.

So, I’m embarking on a series of posts about what kind of exercises are generally ok, and which are more advanced – even if the magazine or news story or video they come from doesn’t describe them as advanced. Because whether or not you choose to work with me or any other personal trainer, or go it on your own using low-cost or free resources, I don’t want you to get hurt! Cost doesn’t make a program good, and there ARE good free resources, but understanding human movement from a coaching/training perspective helps me see the potential issues with exercises for people.

More on this soon! Posts all week long, if you’re interested. I’m also on Facebook, if you prefer to check things out there, or on Instagram.